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Michelle Shelton: The Bold Lady

Michelle Shelton is confident and grounded for a reason. She has earned it. Growing up in a family owned business in Nebraska instilled in her a “do whatever it takes” attitude. She is a big picture visionary, seeing things that are invisible to others.

Michelle is self educated and has read hundreds of books. She speaks from life experience. She has raised five children. She had her own column called, Life with all these Kids!” for several years and has also freelanced parenting articles to the Arizona Republic. Michelle has a varied background. She has a natural love of service and fulfills that in her real estate sales. She has a focus on Arizona Horse Property and all types of Single Family Homes. She has also worked as a Legal Service Broker, Sales and Marketing Trainer, Coach, and is Part of the Valley Association of REALTORS® and Arizona Association of REALTORS. She also gives back to the real estate industry through various committee work and task forces. Michelle is a full-time REALTOR and top producer in the Phoenix area.

The Bold Lady & The Velvet Hammer

Michelle has been married to Paul Shelton since 1989. In 2012 Paul and Michelle lost their oldest son, Phillip, in a car accident. Michelle speaks openly and honestly about the raw nature of grief and how you can find joy on the other side of it. She offers practical skills to navigate the storm of emotion loss brings whether it is death, divorce or the loss of another relationship. Michelle has a background in assessments and loves anything to do with developing your mind. As an avid learner, she enjoys training others and in the past was a T3 Trainer with Keller Williams. Currently, she teaches Continued Education for Arizona Real Estate Agents.

The name, The Bold Lady, evolved from her honest, direct and kind approach with her coaching clients. One client called her the velvet hammer. Her greatest passion is people and their continued success in life.

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Here is what other's are saying about Michelle
I have had opportunity to hear Michelle speak several times.
She is a clear and concise communicator and engages with others well. Her style is inviting and holds the interest of others. I would recommend inviting Michelle to speak to your audience.
Angela Fazio
Angela Fazio
The Forum Revelation Real Estate Designated Broker/Owner
I had the opportunity to have Michelle speak at my Women of Strength Ambassador Luncheon.Michelle's ability to speak from pure authenticity and vulnerability is truly unique and a gift to her audience. It was an honor to have Michelle be part of our event and the experience she created was memorable for all.
Suzy Levenda
Suzy Levenda
Marketing and Business Development Manage for The Bookspan Baker Team at Fairway Mortgage

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