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Michelle: Speaker for You

If you are looking for a speaker that connects with your audience, you will love Michelle! She will draw out the problems and present sound solutions. Her “What If” approach gets people past their personal roadblocks to see new ways of doing things. Ways that work for THEM. She uses a drawing out approach that will allow each participant to create their own answers to their own unique problems.

Michelle can create talks around many topics and show you the perfect blend for your employees to apply at work and at home. All they need to bring is the willingness to make a few tweaks on what they are already doing and then apply simple techniques diligently.

Michelle Shelton Speaker

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Everyone faces grief in their life, it is not a question of if, it is a question of when.

Personal Growth Training

Personal Growth Training

Michelle can speak to your group and offer tools for both personal and professional growth.

Michelle 2008

Get Inspired!

Michelle is genuine and speaks from the heart. She will leave your audience thinking for weeks to come.

Michelle Is Different From Other Speakers

Other speakers use a “stuffing in” approach. With that approach, many will walk away feeling the information doesn’t apply to them or they can’t imagine doing what the speaker suggests.
Your audience is left with an attitude of… that is great for HER but she doesn’t understand MY situation.

“Give your audience a gift of possibilities that they can apply in their life”

Michelle will create a talk that is perfect for YOUR audience. Michelle thinks too many people want to compartmentalize things in their life and truth is, everywhere we go, there we are. The same person who shows up in business shows up with the family, kids, in-laws, friends, and neighbors. Eventually they all “see” the real you.

Life & Success

Grief / Loss & Raising Children

Sales & Negotiations

Personal Growth Training


Here is what other's are saying about Michelle
I have had opportunity to hear Michelle speak several times.
She is a clear and concise communicator and engages with others well. Her style is inviting and holds the interest of others. I would recommend inviting Michelle to speak to your audience.
Angela Fazio
Angela Fazio
The Forum Revelation Real Estate Designated Broker/Owner
I had the opportunity to have Michelle speak at my Women of Strength Ambassador Luncheon.Michelle's ability to speak from pure authenticity and vulnerability is truly unique and a gift to her audience. It was an honor to have Michelle be part of our event and the experience she created was memorable for all.
Suzy Levenda
Suzy Levenda
Marketing and Business Development Manage for The Bookspan Baker Team at Fairway Mortgage